Our Philosophy is Simple – If You Don’t Use Them – They Won’t Work

Our goal is to get you comfortable using any of the elk calls on the market today.  Being able to use a variety of calls when pursing elk is essential because you never know what elk will respond to, so having the ability to use a variety of calls gives you an advantage that others don’t have!


What We Cover

I will show you how to use the various types of elk calls on the market today, including the diaphragm call, open reed call, and the external reeded bugle.

I will assist you with getting a diaphragm call to fit and how to keep the call in you mouth so you don’t feel like you are going to gag. I will show you how to get sound out of the call and then fine tune the call to get the exact sound you are looking for.


Private Lessons 

$100 per hour, plus travel.


$1,000,  plus travel expenses **

Travels From

McMinnville, Oregon


Coach Airfare for 1; Prefers non-stop flights to closest commercial airport.

** Fees are negotiable for churches and non-profit


Contact us to schedule a lesson.

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